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Composite 2 – CD and Website design


For this assignment I decided to design both a CD and website for a new musical theatre production called “Rumspringa Break!”. The play is co-written by my brother and some friends. The story is about two Amish twins Hannah and Ruth, who leave the comfort of their strict, sheltered community to explore the outside world for the first time, and things don’t go as planned. Desperate, penniless, and stranded in the big city’s roughest neighbourhood, the naïve sisters must rely on their faith, the outlandish locals, and each other to survive.



Rumspringa Break! CD Design

Rumspringa Break! CD Design

The play is full of contrast and I wanted that displayed in the design of the CD. Even the type used in the title of the play uses this contrast. The old English typeface in contrast with the grunge brush lettering. For the design of the CD package I used a desaturated muted grungy image of the twins heading to the city and the derelict home they called home. This is in stark contrast to when you open the CD and have the brightly coloured landscape of the idyllic farm life with open fields and rolling landscapes.

Being that this is a Musical that is currently being workshopped and developed, I wanted to focus more on the creative team than a specific production. Additionally, I decided to go with a more cost-effective approach to the packaging by using a six panelled eco-wallet.

RB apple music

Apple Music MockUP



RB Web-desk

Rumspringa Break! Website Mockup

As mentioned above, this play is still under development so I wanted the focus of the website not to be on a specific production. Thankfully, Rumspringa Break! has been performed on a few occasions, most recently as part of the Toronto Fringe: Next Stage Theatre Festival. This meant that I was able to get some great photos, a video as well as some audio tracks.

I decided that I wanted a one-page scroller so that all the information was easily viewed. Before any I started with any html, I wireframed the basic website layout to make sure all the elements flowed properly. Once I did that, it made it easier to create a full website mock-up in InDesign. For this I used a basic 960-pixel grid to keep all my elements properly aligned. I decided to include a small section about the musical, a section with a video and an audio clip from the musical, images from the most recent production in a lightbox and lastly a section highlighting the creative team involved in creating the Musical.

Once it was all laid out the way I wanted it, that is when I started coding the website. This was the first functional website that I designed and coded from scratch and while it wasn’t easy, I found it very useful and rewarding. When something didn’t work or look the way I wanted it, I enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out how to resolve the issue. To make the website responsive, I had to make sure that the column system was in percentages that switch to a single column with a media-queries. I also used a slicknav menu (hamburger menu) for mobile users.


Final Rumspringa Break! Website

Rumspringa Break! Mobile Website

Rumspringa Break! Mobile Website

I found this composite a lot of fun and very challenging at the same time. Carrying many of the design elements in both print and web really kept all the elements cohesive.

Design > Code

Design > Code

As a very visual person, This  project was very useful in taking a design from a concept to an actual website.  Since I a have a good comfort level with Adobe Illustrator, it really helped me see how you can make a design in “design” software and then applying the required code to making it web. The use of the 960px grid really came through in the structure of the website. I found this assignment challenging, but very beneficial in the web design process.


Corporate Identity Assignment – Milestone #2

Please select  your preferred option for the Logo.





The Typeface i will be using is  Akkurat Pro. It is a clean modern font with a few weights


I wanted to keep the colour pallet simple. The navy will be used instead of black and white will be the contrast.

Concept Sketches

Below are concept sketches for the corporate identity material. Using colour and imagery the pieces will all tie into each other and reinforce  the feeling of homegrown  and local.

Business Card Concept

Business card sketch

Business card sketch

letterhead Concept

Letterhead sketch

Letterhead sketch

envelope Concept

Letterhead sketch

Letterhead sketch


Vector Portrait

For my vector portrait I chose to use a photo from my elementary school days.  I was far easier to look at back then. I started the process in Photoshop by adjusting the levels so that there was a bit more contrast and then posterizing the image to create more defined shapes and colours.

Once this was done, I brought the image into illustrator and traced out the different elements of the portrait such as skin, hair, eyes, mouth and shirt. I used the original photo to help sample the colours to get the right tones.

To help define the face a bit more, I added some shadows and highlights using the pen tool to define the area and the blend modes to darken and lighten the areas as required.

Additionally, using a custom-made brush I added some individual darker and lighter hairs to add some texture and eyelashes.

Finally, I added some details like buttons on the shirt, highlights in the eyes and texture on the lips to add realism to the portrait.

For the alternate, I went with the blue monochrome look to add a calm feeling I seem to have in the photo.


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Type Poster


For this assignment I decided to make a poster for my fictitious culinary company Chubby & Kosher. Since the assignment was for a typography class, I really wanted the focus to be on the type. I used a lot contrast to help add depth and hierarchy with in the type. The large, bold narrow letters of League Gothic provide a lot of solid colour in contrast to the thin weight of Helvetica Thin typeface. I used a simple colour palette of just black and white that I have used in much of the Chubby & Kosher branded material I have created and simply applied a smoke image in the background. The result is an eye catching poster with a lot of visual interest mostly created with type.

Adobe Illustrator > Animated GIF



To create my animated GIF I started with a simple sketch of a Lego brick (a personal favorite). Once sketched, I scanned the sketch and brought it in to Adobe Illustrator where I proceeded to trace the various shapes that make up the brick. I used the rectangle tool to create the front and back of the brick, the pen tool for the for the top and sides and the ellipse tool combined with the pen tool and shape tool to create the bumps on the top of the brick. Once one brick was done I used the gradient tool to make the brick have a sense of depth and the bumps seem curved.  Once the brick was done copied the brick over and adjusted the colours repeating this step until all the bricks were done.



Once I was happy with the illustrator file, I created a new Adobe Photoshop file. I then copied my background, and all the coloured bricks. I turned off the layer visibility of all the bricks except the first red brick and moved above the canvas. Once this was set up I created a new frame in the timeline and moved the first red brick into its final position then I added 10 tween frames in between the two frames. I repeated this steps for all the bricks until they were all stacked. Finally, I exported the file as a GIF.