what is good design?

Design is all around us. We are living in an environment where our interactions are often calculated and designed to evoke feels, spur reactions, promote certain responses and provoke desires.

When design is done well. We often don’t understand the underlying complexities that were involved in creating it. The deference between design and art to me is that design tries to solve for a problem and can have a quantifiable result often, while art is an aesthetic. Design often uses some sort of art and aesthetic to help solve for the problem. How the aesthetic is applied is what makes good and bad design.

Good design often is just as much about what is not included as what is on the page. Just like in architecture it is often harder to design something to appear clean and simple yet still include all relevant and required components. This requires a great amount of planning and coordination prior to implementation of a design.

Having worked in architecture for many years, I am inspired by built forms and physical environments. Just like each site has unique characteristics, each project comes with its own set of challenges and requirements. These constraints often guide the design and provide the opportunity for great design solutions.