Corporate Identity Assignment – Final



When I was preparing the final design, I selected the imagery I wanted and applied a blue overlay to match the brand colours. Additionally, I selected a spot colour of Pantone 274C. The rest of the colours will be printed 4 colour printer.

After all the design was done, I prepared the files for printing. To do this I created two separate postscript files. In the first postscript files I separated all the colours, CMYK as well as my spot colour. For the second postscript file I made a composite of all the colours. I then brought the postscript files into distilled the postscript files into PDFs. The final composite file is the one I used to print.

The most important thing I learned from this project was the prepress print process. This is something I have wondered about for a while.


InDesign Magazine Assignment


InDesign Magazine Assignment

For this assignment I made a magazine about Lego for adult Enthusiasts. To differentiate this magazine from other Lego magazines that are often directed to a more juvenile audience, I decided to go for a more art focused publication. I used a very clean simple look with single bold images and light sans-serif text. I tried to add some playfulness back into the document by staggering the positioning of the columns.  Large margins and lots of white space with a simple colour palette of black and white really allows the focus of the page to be about the imagery.  I sourced the articles from various news sources online and are based on adult Lego usage. Additionally  I tried to create new ads that  kept in line with the theme.






Corporate Identity Assignment – Milestone #2

Please select  your preferred option for the Logo.





The Typeface i will be using is  Akkurat Pro. It is a clean modern font with a few weights


I wanted to keep the colour pallet simple. The navy will be used instead of black and white will be the contrast.

Concept Sketches

Below are concept sketches for the corporate identity material. Using colour and imagery the pieces will all tie into each other and reinforce  the feeling of homegrown  and local.

Business Card Concept

Business card sketch

Business card sketch

letterhead Concept

Letterhead sketch

Letterhead sketch

envelope Concept

Letterhead sketch

Letterhead sketch


Website Wireframe Assignment

For this assignment I chose to analyze the Lego website.

Firstly I looked at the break down of the sections of the website. The header is at the top and contains the company logo, site navigation, search feature and account login.

In the first section, there is a full width Image slider.

The section section is comprised of two scrolling blocks, each four columns wide with images and some text below.

The Third section contains Box Models of some of the various themes/ brands with buttons taking you to the online store. These are set up in a three column format.

Lastly, The footer contains a more in-depth site navigation in an unordered list format. it also contains the legal verbiage with the trademark and copyright information.

Wireframe-Lego_site-1 –  Website

Wireframe-Lego_site-2 – Wireframe

Adobe Illustrator > Animated GIF



To create my animated GIF I started with a simple sketch of a Lego brick (a personal favorite). Once sketched, I scanned the sketch and brought it in to Adobe Illustrator where I proceeded to trace the various shapes that make up the brick. I used the rectangle tool to create the front and back of the brick, the pen tool for the for the top and sides and the ellipse tool combined with the pen tool and shape tool to create the bumps on the top of the brick. Once one brick was done I used the gradient tool to make the brick have a sense of depth and the bumps seem curved.  Once the brick was done copied the brick over and adjusted the colours repeating this step until all the bricks were done.



Once I was happy with the illustrator file, I created a new Adobe Photoshop file. I then copied my background, and all the coloured bricks. I turned off the layer visibility of all the bricks except the first red brick and moved above the canvas. Once this was set up I created a new frame in the timeline and moved the first red brick into its final position then I added 10 tween frames in between the two frames. I repeated this steps for all the bricks until they were all stacked. Finally, I exported the file as a GIF.