Interactive PDF Portfolio

For our final assignment for our InDesign class, we were tasked with creating an interactive PDF portfolio that we could present to potential employers and clients. For my portfolio I chose to highlight some of my successfully completed projects. These projects not only highlighted my graphic design skills, but my architectural/industrial design background as well as my project management aptitude. The interactive features of InDesign allowed me to add navigation throughout the document, as well as links to social media accounts. Using multi-state objects, I was able to highlight many more examples, images and details from each of the projects presented. I accomplished this by creating a carousel of images for each project with large images that could be cycled through using arrow buttons. This feature really gives the viewer a much better view of all the elements I was trying to present. Until this course I had never used InDesign for anything beyond print and desktop publishing. Even when I was creating presentations they were rather stagnant and lacked animation, transitions and interactivity. These features will really help me create more dynamic presentations that I can not only present myself, but offer as a service to my clients in the future.

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iPad Air Mockup

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InDesign Magazine Assignment


InDesign Magazine Assignment

For this assignment I made a magazine about Lego for adult Enthusiasts. To differentiate this magazine from other Lego magazines that are often directed to a more juvenile audience, I decided to go for a more art focused publication. I used a very clean simple look with single bold images and light sans-serif text. I tried to add some playfulness back into the document by staggering the positioning of the columns.  Large margins and lots of white space with a simple colour palette of black and white really allows the focus of the page to be about the imagery.  I sourced the articles from various news sources online and are based on adult Lego usage. Additionally  I tried to create new ads that  kept in line with the theme.






Three Ad Campaign _ Composite Week

For our first composite assignment we had to develop an ad campaign that consisted of three ads to be published in a publication as well as a social media campaign that would run in conjunction with the print ads.



I chose to create a fundraising campaign for an organization called Chai Lifeline Canada. Chai Lifeline Canada is a not-for-profit organization that provides support and assistance for children and families of children in the Jewish community who are dealing with severe or terminal illnesses. They have a variety of different services they provide including: Counseling for each member of the family, volunteers who bring an extra measure of adult attention and stability to children’s lives, tutoring for children who must miss school for extended periods of time, family retreats, special sibling programs, information, peer and professional support, and two extraordinary summer camp programs for seriously ill children help families retain a sense of normalcy and hope while fighting even the most dire pediatric diseases. All programs are free of charge.



Originally I wanted to have the ads published in a magazine called “Lifestyles” that highlighted the world of philanthropy. In the end I felt that the ad campaign would be better suited for “Today’s Parent” Magazine. This demographic that this magazine targets can sympathize with the cause and can relate to the difficulties of trying to care for an ill child. While the average reader of the magazine may not have the largest disposable income, I felt that the amount of readers that could relate and feel compelled to donate would be higher than any other magazine in Canada. This publication has established itself as the leading resource for Canadian families and parents over the last 30 years.



Chai Lifelines refers to the ill children they help as “warriors”. The ad campaign plays on this theme by referring to the “battle” they are in the midst of with their illness and the mental toughness they exhibit. Each warrior has their own story, their own personality. The campaign will highlight a different warrior in three separate ads, and with both text and imagery show them as the warriors that they are.
Once the audience reads a bit about the warrior they will be asked to help them to champion their battle by donating to Chai Lifeline so they can help provide the services and help the child and family. The ads will run in three consecutive issues of the magazine while in conjunction with an Facebook ad campaign.




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Vector Portrait

For my vector portrait I chose to use a photo from my elementary school days.  I was far easier to look at back then. I started the process in Photoshop by adjusting the levels so that there was a bit more contrast and then posterizing the image to create more defined shapes and colours.

Once this was done, I brought the image into illustrator and traced out the different elements of the portrait such as skin, hair, eyes, mouth and shirt. I used the original photo to help sample the colours to get the right tones.

To help define the face a bit more, I added some shadows and highlights using the pen tool to define the area and the blend modes to darken and lighten the areas as required.

Additionally, using a custom-made brush I added some individual darker and lighter hairs to add some texture and eyelashes.

Finally, I added some details like buttons on the shirt, highlights in the eyes and texture on the lips to add realism to the portrait.

For the alternate, I went with the blue monochrome look to add a calm feeling I seem to have in the photo.


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Type Poster


For this assignment I decided to make a poster for my fictitious culinary company Chubby & Kosher. Since the assignment was for a typography class, I really wanted the focus to be on the type. I used a lot contrast to help add depth and hierarchy with in the type. The large, bold narrow letters of League Gothic provide a lot of solid colour in contrast to the thin weight of Helvetica Thin typeface. I used a simple colour palette of just black and white that I have used in much of the Chubby & Kosher branded material I have created and simply applied a smoke image in the background. The result is an eye catching poster with a lot of visual interest mostly created with type.

Trifold Brochure

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For this assignment I wanted to showcase a side hobby of mine, Chubby & Kosher. Chubby & Kosher is an outlet I created for my personal culinary adventures. While I don’t have any plans to monetize the idea, I decided to create a brochure for it.

The trifold brochure contains a dieline cut out on the front. When closed it will reveal the Chubby & Kosher logo.

All the images used are dishes I prepared and photographed and live on my Instagram at

The fonts and colours are all taken from the branding I have developed for Chubby & Kosher. They are bold and simple like many of the dishes I create.