Corporate Identity Assignment – Final



When I was preparing the final design, I selected the imagery I wanted and applied a blue overlay to match the brand colours. Additionally, I selected a spot colour of Pantone 274C. The rest of the colours will be printed 4 colour printer.

After all the design was done, I prepared the files for printing. To do this I created two separate postscript files. In the first postscript files I separated all the colours, CMYK as well as my spot colour. For the second postscript file I made a composite of all the colours. I then brought the postscript files into distilled the postscript files into PDFs. The final composite file is the one I used to print.

The most important thing I learned from this project was the prepress print process. This is something I have wondered about for a while.


One thought on “Corporate Identity Assignment – Final

  1. Mark-Anthony Karam says:

    Nice mock-ups Hanenel! I really like how your logo turned out. Great working moving through the process over the last few weeks.


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