Corporate Identity Assignment – Milestone #2

Please select  your preferred option for the Logo.





The Typeface i will be using is  Akkurat Pro. It is a clean modern font with a few weights


I wanted to keep the colour pallet simple. The navy will be used instead of black and white will be the contrast.

Concept Sketches

Below are concept sketches for the corporate identity material. Using colour and imagery the pieces will all tie into each other and reinforce  the feeling of homegrown  and local.

Business Card Concept

Business card sketch

Business card sketch

letterhead Concept

Letterhead sketch

Letterhead sketch

envelope Concept

Letterhead sketch

Letterhead sketch


3 thoughts on “Corporate Identity Assignment – Milestone #2

  1. Mark-Anthony Karam says:

    Excellent job Hananel! #1 stood out immediately to me. The spacing, alignment, and scale/ratio are near perfect 👌🏾. Try to scale it at larger and smaller size variants to see if any of the details in the lighthouse get lost or if there is enough spacing between the light beam, text and light tower. Great work putting tighter your type trials and colour palettes. Seems like your on track with your design direction for this project.


  2. nonnahs ro. says:

    This was tough! I was torn between 1 & 2. Both good options, but I love the way you incorporated the lighthouse!


  3. nonnahs ro. says:

    Just a couple comments/suggestions…
    Although I really like logo one, I would be curious to see how it would be displayed/work on product. That being said… I see option 2 as more of a clothing brand logo. Maybe space out the dotted line from the text a bit more for some breathing room and make the solid line a bit heavier to contrast better.


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