Website Wireframe Assignment

For this assignment I chose to analyze the Lego website.

Firstly I looked at the break down of the sections of the website. The header is at the top and contains the company logo, site navigation, search feature and account login.

In the first section, there is a full width Image slider.

The section section is comprised of two scrolling blocks, each four columns wide with images and some text below.

The Third section contains Box Models of some of the various themes/ brands with buttons taking you to the online store. These are set up in a three column format.

Lastly, The footer contains a more in-depth site navigation in an unordered list format. it also contains the legal verbiage with the trademark and copyright information.

Wireframe-Lego_site-1 –  Website

Wireframe-Lego_site-2 – Wireframe

One thought on “Website Wireframe Assignment

  1. Mark-Anthony Karam says:

    Great job identifying the box model patterns within this site. Hopefully, analyzing the site’s structure through developing your wireframe allowed you to understand the basic framework that was used to create the site.


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