Vector Portrait

For my vector portrait I chose to use a photo from my elementary school days.  I was far easier to look at back then. I started the process in Photoshop by adjusting the levels so that there was a bit more contrast and then posterizing the image to create more defined shapes and colours.

Once this was done, I brought the image into illustrator and traced out the different elements of the portrait such as skin, hair, eyes, mouth and shirt. I used the original photo to help sample the colours to get the right tones.

To help define the face a bit more, I added some shadows and highlights using the pen tool to define the area and the blend modes to darken and lighten the areas as required.

Additionally, using a custom-made brush I added some individual darker and lighter hairs to add some texture and eyelashes.

Finally, I added some details like buttons on the shirt, highlights in the eyes and texture on the lips to add realism to the portrait.

For the alternate, I went with the blue monochrome look to add a calm feeling I seem to have in the photo.


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One thought on “Vector Portrait

  1. Mark-Anthony Karam says:

    Nice job Hananel! I really like your use of blend modes and brushes for the skin tones and hair. Also, nice work with the details in the eyes.


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